Applications for remote control

We are proud to also report that we are currently working on some application for universal remote control. It will be connected to your phone and with it you will be able to control TV remote, phone, headphones and many other appliances. IR will be needed as a hardware on your beloved phone, but most telephones these days have that, so fear not! We will be able to fulfill your needs thoroughly! Phones are very important for the future and at Dashapps we are aware of that and therefore we are creating apps to make them even more useful.

This is also one of our many projects! We hope you will like and enjoy it!

Dashapps for the win

Dashapps is proud to announce that we have been given initial startup capital of $100.000. This money will help us with the development of new programs, getting new software and hardware equipment, supplies for the office and more. Continue reading

Automating surveillance drones

Surveillance drones are becoming widely useful these days. They are used for variety of things, most noticeably for looking over the areas and making sure that nothing bad happens. They’ve been used by governments and companies, but also some individuals have them. We already discussed AutoDrone application which makes this job much easier. We are making some other applications as well. However with this application, you can just look on the internet for which surveillance drones to buy and then install our application on your drone and with little effort you can set it up and make it work! Your job is done and you will manage to have a good surveillance of wide areas right away with the help of our application.

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AutoDrone – new old project

A while ago me (Michael) and few friends (Nick and Miguel) decided to offer some solutions to individual consumers for wireless technology. This is how we created DashApps. We had an idea about AutoDrone which we are now planning to put into fruition. We do not like publicly announcing our projects, but this one is big and we are all very excited about it. It is about automatically controlling agriculture drones. This application will help farmers and others to automatically crop the fields and grow crops. It will go through the same area every day. It will fly there and even release possible water or biochemical things. This will help farmers a lot.

Picture is symbolic

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What are we working on at the moment?

Dashapps team works on different things at different times. Currently we are developing applications for mobile phones and drones. We do not plan to work for mobile phones a lot in the future because we have seen that most of the applications are already there. For drones however, nobody is making applications and we can jump in and fill out this market need. We are interested in everything that is controlled wireless since these are our expertise. We plan to develop many applications in this way, so we are inviting you to follow us and give us some suggestions if you are drone enthusiast as well. We are happy to be in touch with our prospective customers and to provide you with the best service and products possible. We are working hard on your behalf. Continue reading

Wireless headphones

We are about to make an application which will connect wireless headphones to your mobile phone and then you will be able to browse on your phone with voice commands. This might be our first and most glorious application. In this way you will be able to browse the phone without any assistance of the hands. Of course most people will not find this extremely useful since this is indeed a niche products. It is made for people with disabilities and tech geeks. It can be used in some rare cases, but usually we expect them to be used just from time to time for enthusiasts. This app is probably the best because it shows just how good the technology can be and how it can advance. It is truly an amazing thing and we believe that since we are about to relaese a quality application, customers will realize that and you can follow us with the release of other applications. They will be the same quality and you will see that our awesome team of programmers is capable of creating some of the most innovative apps.

Dashapps for the life as it is!