AutoDrone – new old project

A while ago me (Michael) and few friends (Nick and Miguel) decided to offer some solutions to individual consumers for wireless technology. This is how we created DashApps. We had an idea about AutoDrone which we are now planning to put into fruition. We do not like publicly announcing our projects, but this one is big and we are all very excited about it. It is about automatically controlling agriculture drones. This application will help farmers and others to automatically crop the fields and grow crops. It will go through the same area every day. It will fly there and even release possible water or biochemical things. This will help farmers a lot.

Picture is symbolic

But this is not the only thing. It will also automatically refill the battery and make sure that it completes daily assignment after that. This means that with AutoDrone application, you won’t have to worry about fuel and how to refill the drone. Everything is done automatically. Automation is very important in every business and Dashapps are aware of that. This is why our solutions will help you the most with automation.

The best thing about AutoDrone is that it can be set also elsewhere and not just for agriculture drones. You know what you can do with it, so it has a wide usage!

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