Dashapps for the win

Dashapps is proud to announce that we have been given initial startup capital of $100.000. This money will help us with the development of new programs, getting new software and hardware equipment, supplies for the office and more.

Who were the donors?

Well truth be told, most of the donors were friends and family to which we say a one big thank you! We are happy for every dollar that we have received. Our promise to this world is that we will provide a lot of value back and we will make this investment worthwhile! We will be working full time all the time without breaks to give back to the society which has been so good to us as to provide us with this amount of money.

Honestly I would’ve never thought that our auction would succeed. But luckily it did and now we are happy to announce that we are the great micro company with extensive funding. Beat that Microsoft, can you?

Of course there were also some outside investors which also invested smaller amounts. They preferred not to be mentioned, but we give special thanks to you to my dears! To DashApps!

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