What are we working on at the moment?

Dashapps team works on different things at different times. Currently we are developing applications for mobile phones and drones. We do not plan to work for mobile phones a lot in the future because we have seen that most of the applications are already there. For drones however, nobody is making applications and we can jump in and fill out this market need. We are interested in everything that is controlled wireless since these are our expertise. We plan to develop many applications in this way, so we are inviting you to follow us and give us some suggestions if you are drone enthusiast as well. We are happy to be in touch with our prospective customers and to provide you with the best service and products possible. We are working hard on your behalf.

We are also interested in other radio controlled hobbies and vehicles. For example RC cars are something we are interested at, but we are not really sure what people using them want the most. If you have any idea for us, please let us know since we are happy to develop applications for wider audience.

We are also not afraid of any criticism, so feel free to have your thoughts about our products written!

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