Wireless headphones

We are about to make an application which will connect wireless headphones to your mobile phone and then you will be able to browse on your phone with voice commands. This might be our first and most glorious application. In this way you will be able to browse the phone without any assistance of the hands. Of course most people will not find this extremely useful since this is indeed a niche products. It is made for people with disabilities and tech geeks. It can be used in some rare cases, but usually we expect them to be used just from time to time for enthusiasts. This app is probably the best because it shows just how good the technology can be and how it can advance. It is truly an amazing thing and we believe that since we are about to relaese a quality application, customers will realize that and you can follow us with the release of other applications. They will be the same quality and you will see that our awesome team of programmers is capable of creating some of the most innovative apps.

Dashapps for the life as it is!

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